How to Start a Greeting Card Business

One can start a greeting card business, which can surely be an exciting thing to do, in case you have a liking for words, design, and creativity. If you can express your feelings in a loving way, this line of work is most appropriate for you. Some people may not know, but this industry has a staggering USD 7 billion worth turnover. Nowadays, sending wishing cards through the Internet is the latest trend. However, despite this, people have always preferred to send or receive a card through mail. These cards sent through mails, definitely touch the heart in a loving and an affectionate way.

Important Aspects of the Business
The first thing you need to do is to study and conduct a thorough research on the different greeting card industries. This will enable you to determine the industry’s strengths and weaknesses. It will also give you a rough idea of how many and which companies are currently competing in the industry. You may even get an understanding about what type of cards would cater to which age group and gender.

Make use of some online associations like the Greeting Card Association (GCA) to be in touch with publishers and freelancers who are in this business. Read books and articles on designing. Collect various cards of different companies, and learn how the designers would’ve made them. You also need to study the styles and ideas of those.

Make a short-term business plan or strategy, and create a mission for your company. Note down all the aims and objectives. Choose a specific market, and conduct research on its demands and target consumers. Prepare a budget plan to determine the cost of the equipment and materials needed. It is suggested that you take help from an accountant, to determine the exact amount of money needed for you to start operating.

Create your own expressive ideas and styles which would make your cards unique. Using humorous and inspirational quotes and sentences is a must. Moreover, you need to ensure that different ideas and expressions are to be used for different occasions and seasons. Collect materials and equipment and start off with your creativity. You may even employ a creative designer for your company.

Create a trademark name and a logo for your company, complete all the legal formalities, and register your company formally. The company logo should be present on all the cards that are produced by your company. Approach few reputed stores, and make a deal regarding your cards being displayed for sale in their stores. Initial marketing can also be done by employing some marketers who would make public presentations of your company and the cards. Carry on with your business and incorporate efficient marketing strategies for it to reach the top.

Now that you know how to start a greeting card business, and what you need to be successful in it, you certainly need to be truly dedicated in working harder and smarter towards your goal. Moreover, sufficient finances and proper management is also required for this purpose.

Why Everyone Should Take Risks

Do you consider yourself to be a person who always plays it safe? If yes, are you experiencing the best life possible? Chances are, if you routinely choose not to take chances, you haven’t achieved your dreams, and are not living the lifestyle that you have always wanted.

The Benefits

With every risk, there is a chance that good things will happen. If you take a chance that could lead to something good, that good thing may happen. Starting a business, for example, can prove to be the source of financial freedom for you. Asking that person out for a date may lead to marriage (eventually).

Taking risks can make you a better person. If you can face the fears that would hold you back from achieving your goals, it can build your confidence. Learning to embrace possibility can make you a more positive and energetic person.

Sometimes, taking a chance, regardless of how crazy it seems, can make your life more enjoyable. Trying new things that you have always wanted to try, but were too afraid, can free your spirit.

The Danger Factor

Of course, there is a possibility that things won’t go as planned. Your business could fail. The person you like, could reject you. Yes, these things could happen. There would be no such thing as a risk if there were nothing to lose.

The key is not to dwell on the negative possibilities, but the positive ones. The most difficult part about taking risks is knowing that something bad could happen. In fact, it is this danger factor that keeps people from ever stepping out and making the moves, that could lead them to success, happiness, and freedom.

Preparing yourself for the negative, can ease the pain if things go wrong. Sometimes, there are ways to minimize the danger. Educating yourself about what you plan to do can help. There is a fine line between preparing for a negative outcome and expecting one. If you plan well, sometimes you can avoid the danger. For example, starting a business can have minimal risk if you create a solid plan and do your research.

Learn the difference between good and bad risks. Calculate what you could lose, and make sure that you can do without whatever it is you may lose. Is it truly worth it? Consider others in your life who are important to you. Taking risks can be wonderful, but not at someone else’s expense.

Why should you take certain risks anyway? You will never know until you put yourself out there and try. Give yourself a fair chance. If you fail you fail, but if you succeed, you succeed! Not taking the chance, that could bring you what you want in life, can haunt you in the form of regret. Every great success story includes some risk-taking. If you want to reach your goals and dreams, the choice is yours.